Wisconsin State Forms



While the Library does have the Wisconsin Homestead Credit forms, the remainder of Wisconsin tax forms can be obtained as follows:

  How can I get Wisconsin tax forms and publications? 

   You may obtain most Wisconsin tax forms and publications in one of the following ways:


  • Download forms and publications in Adobe PDF format by visiting the Forms page or the Publications page.
  • Between January and April, many libraries will have a supply of Wisconsin individual income tax forms on hand. Use the Library​ page to locate a library near you.
  • Call or visit any of the Department of Revenue offices located throughout the state.
  • Request forms by calling (608) 266-1961.
  • Email to DORFormsRequests@wisconsin.gov.
  • Write to:

           Forms Request Office
           Wisconsin Department of Revenue
           PO Box 8949
           Madison, WI 53708-8949

The Homestead Credit booklets have arrived.

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