Library Cards

Obtaining a Library Card:
  1.  Any resident of the Village of East Troy, Town of East Troy, or the surrounding areas may obtain an adult library card upon completion of an application and provision of a valid Wisconsin photo ID. Any person is employed by the East Troy School District may also receive a teacher card upon completion of an application card, provision of a valid Wisconsin photo ID, and verification of employment.
  2. If the applicant’s photo ID does not show a current address the applicant must also show a “proof of address” such as the following:
    • Utility Bill
    • Printed checks
    • Property tax statement
    • Canceled mail, postmarked within the last two weeks
    • Typed lease that shows the current address
    • Department of Motor Vehicle-issued change of address cards
  3. To verify employment with the East Troy School District, library staff should ask for a valid School District-issued ID badge.
  4. Residents of Milwaukee County may obtain a library card upon completion of an application, provision of a valid Wisconsin photo ID, proof of address (if his/her ID shows a wrong address), and payment of an annual fee of $50.00 as laid out in the reciprocal borrowing agreement between the Lakeshores Library System and the Milwaukee County Federated Library System. Persons living in Milwaukee County, but employed in the School District will not have to pay the $50.00 fee, as long as they provide proof of employment as laid out above.
  5. Anyone under the age of 18 can receive a juvenile card after completing the application, securing the signature of his/her parent or legal guardian, and asking his/her parent to show a valid Wisconsin photo ID and proof of address (if the parent’s photo ID shows a wrong address).
  6. Emancipated minors who have proof of their court ordered emancipation may receive an adult card without parental consent.
  7. Institutions may receive an institutional library card providing the director of the institution is willing to sign a statement committing the institution to being responsible for all materials checked out on the institutional card.

Renewal of Library Cards: 
  1. All library cards are valid for 18 months. At the end of that period, patrons will be asked to verify their address and phone number.

Use of Library Cards: 
Patrons are encouraged to use their library cards to check out materials, but if patrons do not have their cards with them, they may provide a photo ID with an address that matches the address in the library’s circulation system. Patrons under the age of 18 who do not have their cards with them may provide their school ID or ask a parent or legal guardian to provide his or her photo ID.
  1. A patron’s record will be marked delinquent when items are overdue or money is owed. This status will not affect the patron’s ability to borrow materials from the library, as long as his/her library account is not blocked.
  2. A patron retains full borrowing privileges as long as his/her library account is not blocked. A library account becomes blocked, and a note will be attached to the record, under the following circumstances: 
    • When the total amount of the unpaid fines and fees exceeds $10.00 dollars, including fines not yet billed on overdue items (estimated fees).
    • When the patron has more than four claims returned items on his/her account.
  3. Once a patron’s library card is blocked, all library privileges for that patron are suspended including borrowing and renewal of items, and Internet privileges.
  4. Using another patron’s library card to check out materials is not permitted, outside of immediate family.
  5. If a minor under the age of 18 has a parent or guardian with a blocked card, that minor’s card may only be used to check out materials labeled as “juvenile,” “teen” or “young adult.” Also, that card may only be used to check out a limit of five items, and that card may not be used by the parent or legal guardian for Internet privileges. Staff members will be asked to look at the records of parents and legal guardians first to verify if they are blocked or not, before signing up a minor for his or her own library card.

Patron Responsibilities: 
  1. Because the East Troy Public Library verifies the identity of all library card applicants, the Individual named on the account is responsible for all fines and fees assessed to that account.
  2. Each library patron is responsible for all materials checked out on his/her card and on the cards of any children for whom he/she has signed library card applications regardless of who checked the item out.