It's Your Library; Check it Out!

I’m looking at mounds of white snow and am promising myself that I will not complain about 90 degrees and humid when it arrives this coming summer. Speaking of summer, I would like to return and talk some more about the new and improved 2019 Summer Reading Program.
Last week I mentioned our new mission statement: “To encourage a love for reading and renew its value in the community.” This week, I would like to talk about the 4 Goals we wish to accomplish: Goal 1 is to encourage regular reading during the summer and by extension throughout the year (amongst all age levels K-Adult). Teachers always mention to us that they can tell which students participated in the Summer Reading Program. They have retained what they learned from the previous year and are ready to begin current year studies. They also seem to be more inclined to ease right into the school year and are willing to work hard. Those students, who do not participate, have to relearn and sometimes fall behind. Not to forget the Adults, remember the study I mentioned a few weeks ago, those who read add two more years to their lives versus those who do not. I am hopeful that this goal will gently lead us all to a love for reading!
Goal 2 is to register more Library card Users as the summer begins. Those of you, who have not been to the Library in a while, stop by and see the many things we have to offer, and renew your library card. For those of you who have cards, I’d like to see you talk up the library to your neighbors and persuade them to obtain a library card. We will be doing a marketing blitz in the spring to encourage people to get library cards…stay tuned for more information on this!
Goal 3: Since the library is a part of a larger community, we will be asking all of our 2019 Summer Reading Program participants to think about donating some non-perishable food items that we can turn over at the end of the program to the East Troy Food Pantry. We especially want our children to know that there are neighbors in the community who could use their assistance.
Goal 4: is to de-emphasize reading for prizes. As I mentioned last week, the last several years we overemphasized the idea of reading for prizes. It turned the program into a super competition for prizes and this is not what we wanted it to accomplish. To that end, we have decided that the prizes we purchase this year will be very simple. We will be offering books, DVDs, and other educational type items. We do not want to see this program become a gigantic competition.  Next week I’d like to talk about some of the values we want to communicate to all our participants.
Changing gears a bit, I would like to extend a GIGANTIC thank-you to the Friends of the East Troy Public Library. This hard working group recently gave us funds to purchase 11 new Launchpads. These Launchpads are children-sized tablets that have both pre-loaded learning activities and games; or have learning videos to watch. We have tried to emphasize the areas of Math, Science, and Reading. These Launchpads are for children of various ages. They’ll be available for circulation soon.
People often walk into the library with their laptops, tablets and phones, hoping to be able to print from them. At this time we do not have the capability to allow them do this. However, the Friends of the Library have come to our rescue again and have enabled us to purchase a “Wireless Access Point” that will allow patrons to print from any of their wireless devices. We are currently in the process of purchasing this and having it installed. I believe this should become available sometime in early March.
See, there are lots of neat things happening here, so I’ll just remind you: It’s your Library, come and check us out and while you are at it, get yourself a library card!