It's Your Library; Check it Out!

I admit that I often find myself bristling when I hear the misnomer: “Fake News!” What bothers me about this term is the fact that it is often applied when the “news” disagrees with what other people think. Instead of screaming “fake news,” I believe that we should be talking amongst ourselves, being respectful and trying to learn what the other person feels is important on a specific topic. I think we need to re-cultivate learning to how to listen to each other and a willingness to learn something new.
There is no better antidote to “Fake News” and unreason than a well-stocked, well-organized library. The library is the natural home of someone seeking objective information and well founded knowledge as well as a willingness to discriminate between what is reasonable and what is not.
I am in charge of ordering books and other materials for this Library, but I do not do this in a vacuum, I depend upon each member of my Staff as well. Each Staff member has the opportunity to make suggestions as to what should be added to our collection. Each staff member has their own perspective to bring and it offers me the opportunity to look at perspectives different from my own. I also listen to what patrons have to say about what materials should be added. I believe this makes for a more well-rounded collection!
I’d like to share an example of four new books that were added to the collection made via the suggestions of others:
  • Bird Note: Chirps, Quirks and Stories of 100 Birds from the popular Public Radio Show by Ellen Blackstone.
  • The Lives of the Constitution: Ten Exceptional Minds that Shaped America’s Supreme Law by Joseph Tartakovsky.
  • Muhammad Ali: A Life by Jonathan Eig.
  • The Immigrant Cookbook: Recipes that Make America Great by Leyla Moushabeck.
All of these books are quite different from one another and yet all have interesting and valuable information. We have many more like them, you might want to stop by and see the new items we have added.
We’ve now reached the half-way point of the Summer Reading program and the prize boxes are filling up with vouchers. You can still sign-up, read, and earn some vouchers…who knows, you might win something on July 30th. Summer is going fast, feel free to stop by and get out of the heat, and find something cool to read or watch!