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Sometimes You Have to Laugh
I am a big proponent of humor. Humor is defined as is the quality of being funny, or something that makes people laugh, or one of the four bodily fluids formerly considered responsible for one’s health. That last bit alone got me to laughing. Why am I dwelling on humor, you ask? The New York Public Library has recently published a book on all of the crazy or humorous questions that they have received over the years from their patrons. Here are some that are bound to make you giggle:
What time does a Bluebird sing?
Bluebirds sing pretty much whenever they want to. Males, however, sing more often than females for obvious reasons.
Can you give me the name of that book that dramatizes bedbugs?
There is actually one with the title: “Good Night, Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Bedbugs Bite!” by EileenDeGroat. It is however, a children’s book. No adult books on the topic can be found.
Can you help me find that book with the blue cover?
Going to need a little more to go on here: fiction or non-fiction? Topic or Title? Author possibly? Blue tends to be a popular book color so librarians need a bit more to think about. Did you know that a Public Library out west had a little fun with their patrons? They actually created a monthly display of blue covered books one month, then green the next, then red the next, etc.
What kind of Apple did Eve eat?
Since the apple symbolized the knowledge of good and evil, it would be hard to say. So who really knows? Some librarians state that the whole issue sounds sinfully delicious!
Isn’t there someone here who can answer a question without referring to a book or going online?
Does anyone know anybody who knows everything? Didn’t think so. The rest of the Staff laugh at me when a dental question comes up because I have fairly good knowledge of the topic…having worked at the ADA. But if you ask me about quantum physics, I’m going to need to familiarize myself with the topic…most undoubtedly the rest of the staff as well. So yes we do need to have a book or online source to help us.
Do you have an interesting or Humorous question?
So now that is it December, I want to remind everyone that there is a change in hours over the Holiday Season:
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