It's Your Library; Check it Out!

On a recent trip to a grocery store in Waukesha, my Wife and I encountered a robot cruising up and down the aisles. It was scanning the shelves to see how much product was on each shelf and what shelves would need to be restocked. Shoppers would amusingly push their carts in front of this robot, which would then pause and wait until they moved on. When encountering an obstacle it would slowly move back and forth until it could pass and then move back to continue scanning. Great changes are coming in technology as we move closer and closer to Star Wars or Star Trek future.
While there are no libraries in the area using such robots, I have read of libraries all over the world using them to scan shelves and locate missing books; to greet patrons and send them in the proper direction; and even to make suggestions to people as to what to read. Is this going to happen in our library soon? Probably not, expense and size militate against it.
However, whether we like change our not, technology is reshaping our lives and we can either fight against it or go with the flow. With the new school year just starting, I’m thinking about the need to educate our young people and prepare them for jobs in this kind of future. I’m pleased to say that we have materials that I think can help kids as they begin to chart their future:
  • The Robots are Coming by Andres Oppenheimer
  • The Makerspace Workbench by Adam Kemp
  • Star Wars Maker Lab by Liz Heinecke
  • Everything You Need to Ace Computer Science and Coding in One Big Fat Notebook by Grant Smith
  • Zero to Maker by David Lang
  • Code Your Own Games by Max Wright
  • Maker Faire by Samantha Roslund
  • Girls Who Code by Reshma Saujani
  • Smithsonian Maker Lab by The Smithsonian
  • How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons by Sean McManus
Changing subjects a bit, I do have to inform the community that once again we are requiring masks to enter the library building. We don’t like seeing the cases of covid go up in our local communities and therefore I want to make sure that both my Staff and my Patrons are safe and this is one of the simple ways to keep everyone safe. If you don’t like wearing masks, just pull into the Library Parking Lot and give us a call…we’ll bring your stuff out to you.
Two other things I want you to be aware of: on Friday September 24th, the Library will be closed for a Staff in-Service and Clean-up day. At the same time, we are now open longer on Wednesdays, 10:00am – 7:00pm. I know that is a lot to stay in the know about, so if you have any questions or comments, please stop by and ask, we are your library; come and check us out!