It's Your Library; Check it Out!

At approximately 2:30pm every day during the School Year, we in the Library hear the School Buses rev up and then head down West Street and off towards each of the schools. This is a reminder to us that school will soon be ending for the day and that we will inevitably have kids trooping into the library and using our various resources.
Since we deal with kids every day, we are often asked for some of the darnedest things. Here are some examples of such requests: 1) Could you open the Library just for me at about 7:00am? 2) Could we have as much computer time as possible? 3) Could we have 10,000 new Lego books? and 4) Could you buy us some snacks and deliver them to our computer table?
I have to admit that my first inclination is to laugh at some of these requests, and then my second is to gently tell them why these things are not possible. While I am a morning person and am often up early, I don’t think I’ll be here at 7:00am to open the doors for one person. We limit computer time (2 hours for patrons) so that everyone has a chance to use a PC. While there are a lot of Lego books, I do try to add as many as possible to our collection. But there aren’t 10,000 new books. Finally my Staff often teases me about snacks in the Library (I often say “not on my new carpet”), but we don’t allow it, because of the mess.
Since kids are a gigantic part of our lives, we do have some books on “Parenting” that might be helpful:
  • Tough Love: Raising Confident, Kind, Resilient Kids by Lisa Stiepock
  • Parent Speak: What’s wrong with how we talk to our Children by Jennifer Lehr
  • The Confident Parent by Jane Scott
  • How to Talk so Little Kids will Listen by Joanna Faber
  • The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens & Tweens by Douglas Haddad
  • A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents by Robert Ward
Since we just had a bit of snow, I thought it might be good to remind all patrons that if we do have a snow storm, I may have to close the Library. If I have to do this, I will post information on the website: as well as at our Facebook site: and Twitter Site:
I also let WTMJ-4 know about the closings. So you have many ways to find out
Speaking of closings, I once again share with you the Christmas/New Year information:
  • Christmas: the Library will be closed Dec 24th – 25th
  • New Years: the Library will be closed Dec 31st – Jan 1st
Please be sure and visit our library website (mentioned above) for events and schedules. Come visit us, and find new books and DVDs and other materials that have joined our collection. Also stay tuned, as we will be doing something to encourage children and adults to read every month starting in 2019!