It's Your Library; Check it Out!

In a Democracy, librarians and library workers operate from a certain set of values: 1) providing service to the community; 2) promoting intellectual freedom; 3) upholding freedom of speech, as well as 4) supporting our civil and political rights. Out of all the values that we hold dear in a democracy, the one underlying value that Libraries operate from is that of the “greater good.” I know of few librarians who enter the profession and look for it to be the gateway to political or any other type of glory
To put it simply, the East Troy Lions Public Library should not only benefit the communities that we serve, but every individual within those communities. We look at community need when identifying, acquiring, cataloging, and preserving materials. We see and hear the struggles that people are going through and get ideas for programs, and we note the changes in our culture that challenge us to change…especially with regards to technology.
The most important thing to us is that our doors are open to everyone! Every person that lives in our local area can obtain a library card, check out materials, participate in programs, and share what they have learned with others. I am especially pleased with my Staff, who regularly welcome people who visit by name; help them find what they are looking for, and who go the extra mile to help you out. If we don’t know your name yet, we will quickly learn it.
One cannot help but notice that “school” is in the air! I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone and that we have only a few weeks left until the Labor Day Holiday. For parents who are getting their kids ready for school, we have all kinds of materials to assist. Just let us know what Grade level you’re talking about and we can probably find a plethora of items that can help you: from getting young ones over their fear of first day, to finding materials that will help your Senior choose a college and find financial aid.
In the meantime we are putting together some afternoon fall programs that will deal with information on Hospice Care as well as maintaining your Personal Wellness. Stay tuned, more information on this will be coming soon. In the meantime, we’re ordering new and current materials for our collection and we are hopeful that you will find them interesting!
We are your Library, stop by and check us out!