It's Your Library; Check it Out!

If you work as a Librarian long enough, you will see and or experience a lot of wild and crazy or just plain weird things. One area that always proves to be both enlightening and funny, are objects or writing or something found in or on items that are returned to the Library. Here are some examples:
  • I once pulled a book out of the book drop and noticed a $50 dollar bill still inside being used as a bookmark…I called the patron and asked if they wanted it back. They laughed nervously and said “yes.”
  • One humid, warm summer day, I opened the book drop and was assaulted with the smell of peanut butter and jelly. Sure enough, one of the books was covered in what I just mentioned. It was as if the patron took a knife and decided to just slather the book in peanut butter and jelly. I called the patron who said: “I probably should have cleaned that off right?”
  • One time I scooped up a DVD which had been placed on the return counter. We always open up the DVD Case to make sure that there is a DVD inside. There was a DVD, but there was also a note inside which said: “I love how you kiss me goodnight!” I quickly ran that through the shredder saying to myself at the same time: “I wouldn’t want my wife to see this.”
  • Patrons sometimes leave comments in books. My favorite one of all time comes from another librarian who stated that she noticed a book with a dog-eared page. The last paragraph on the page was for some reason not complete it started with “Robert heard the woman’s tread on the porch. She stood wide-eyed in the doorway, a woman of about 50 with a face” and there the paragraph ended. But a patron completed the sentence in the margin: “with a face like mashed potatoes.”
  • One time a children’s book came back with a note in it that said: “Dear Libarian, sorry for tearing the book.” She tried to repair the tear with band aids.
  • Another time I opened a returned DVD case to find a note inside which said: “To save any other patron time and disappointment, this movie does not have a happy ending.”
I could regale you with tons more of these types of stories, but will stop here in the hopes that you had a momentary chuckle. We all certainly need one these days. Just remember, whatever you leave in or on our library items, might become part of my list for future use.
And don’t get me started about the weird antics of people, my Staff and I could probably tell you our favorite stories, but rather than getting members of the community trying to figure out who we are talking about, I won’t do it. When dealing with people, we find that weird stuff does happen; however, most of our interactions with people are on the “not-weird” side and that is OK by us. It is strange, though, how the weird stuff stands out and makes us laugh.
OK, can someone explain to me where those two metal folding chairs that are sitting by the front of the library (as I write this article) came from? The weirdest stuff just gets dropped off here.