It's Your Library; Check it Out!

On Sunday January 5th, while slicing bread, the cutting board underneath the bread suddenly slipped sideways and I lacerated my left thumb. I managed to apply pressure and got the bleeding under control and then drove one-handed to the Aurora Urgent Care in Mukwonago to seek help. Doctor Tanel and the Assisting Nurse were both professional and caring in assessing and handling my problem and after an hour’s worth of time managed to get the bleeding under control…unfortunately it couldn’t be stitched but instead had to be cauterized. You probably all went “ouch” when you read that, but I didn’t feel a thing and am slowly healing. Note that I am not seeking sympathy…well maybe a little. I’d like to extend my thanks to the Doctor and Nurse at Urgent Care who helped me out on a Sunday morning no less.
Why did I tell you this little story? Because I want to remind people that a professional staff truly does make things go. We have a small staff of 6 people (Nancy, Lisa, Connie, Brandy and Jennifer) who alternate hours and work well as a team. They come in early and stay late to make sure that all patrons have what they need. Their professionalism helps to make the Library run well. They all try to provide excellent patron service and as ever, I give great thanks for their hard work, their talents and friendly attitude!
Some things for everyone to be aware of: 1) per last year, we will not be carrying Federal or State Tax forms. We will carry the Wisconsin Homestead Tax Form and will have a binder with forms that can be copied, but please remember that we charge 25cents a page for black & white copies; and $1.00 per page for color; 2) Sometime early this year, we will be replacing all the lights in the upper library, putting in LED lightbulbs and they should make us more energy efficient and save the DPW staff from having to constantly change bulbs. We may have to close when this is being done, I’ll let everyone know when I know; and 3) We are already thinking ahead to the Summer Reading Program and we now know some of the performers that are coming: Snake Discovery is coming back, Creepy Crawly Zoo, Science Tellers and Magic Morgan are also coming. We’re looking forward to a fun season of reading and performances.
Lastly, I would like to say thanks to all of you who dropped off “sweets and treats” during the holiday season, it was greatly appreciated. So Happy New Year to all and stop by and say hello: “we’re your library, come and check us out!