Online Magazines and More!

View full digital copies of your favorite magazines!  You see the exact same material you get in print, plus some issues include features like video, audio, and live links.  Magazine issues are not checked out, so they're available any time.  Read online or download issues to your computer or mobile device to read offline. You must have a current East Troy Public Library barcode to use this collection.
To get started and learn more read the information below on "getting started," or simply call or stop in.  We are here to help.
Getting Started (first time users)
1) Create an Zinio Library Account.  This is where you will read your magazines, and where you will return to when you want to select new magazines.
If you already have a Zinio account you can skip this step.
  • You will then be promted to create a Zinio Viewer Account, which is what you will actually use to read your magazines.  Once you do this, you will be able to select and access your magazine issues.
2) If you wish to access your Zinio items on your mobile device, you will need to install the Zinion app.

There is no app for the Nook Tablet, Nook HD or ebook readers such as the basic Kindle, Nook Simple Touch or Sony.  Nook Color and Nook
Tablet users may use the browser to connect and read magazines online.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I print from a magazine?
Print options are determined by the publisher.  You may be able to print a single page, a range of pages, or none at all.  In order to print, you must be logged in to your Zinio account using a browser or the PC/Mac app.  Click the printer botton on the bottom side of the screen.  Printing is not available from the mobile app.